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Privacy Policy

  1. Web site visitor’s personal information. Personal information like visitor’s names and emails posted through our website as: email messages or directly on the blog comment areas is collected by organicsshops.com only for promotional purposes. Rarely, we may contact potential visitors by email with promotional items’ offers we believe the visitor would be interested in. We will not use any visitor’s personal information like emails, names or addresses for massive marketing purposes. Visitor who does not want to receive any promotional materials by email can always send us an email to be removed from our marketing list. We will never send any promotional materials by mail and will never use any visitor’s personal information for other purposes beside once in a while promotions or once in a while marketing emails. We may change the privacy policy and decide to never email any promotional or marketing materials to any visitors. Any latest changes will be posted on the website privacy policy page. Visitors are advised to review the privacy policy from time to time to get familiar if any changes are made to organicsshops.com policy. You can reach the privacy policy page at https://organicsshops.com/privacy/;

  1. Collecting and storing personal information. Visitor’s personal information like emails, names and addresses is collected only for organicsshops.com inside marketing or promotional purposes. We do not share any visitor’s personal information with outside organizations or third parties. If we are contacted by a government entity who wishes access to the visitor’s information, we would contact the individual prior to releasing any information to the government entity. Organicsshops.com do not store any shipping or billing/payment information of any visitors who decide to make a purchase liking a product on our website. Shipping and billing information is handled by Amazon.com and if you are interested to know more, you can review their company privacy policy. We also do not store any names, addresses, and emails collected from any visitors and do not print any visitors personal information. Any temporary files created with visitor’s personal information are permanently deleted and used only for marketing and promotional purposes. Marketing and promotional projects are done on a seasonal basis or not done at all. Visitors data is monitored and permanently deleted after use;

  1. Cookie Policy: We do not collect any visitors’ IP addresses and we do not use any sets of cookies. We also do not use any website chat software;

  1. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to make sure the data is encrypt and secured between the server and a browser. Our visitors can securely browse organicsshops.com with confidence;

  1. Any website user who wishes to make changes to their personal information or simply remove his/her name, address and email from our marketing list, can directly contact us at shopsorganics@gmail.com;

  1. We want our visitors to browse products safely and with confidence on our website – organicsshops.com. If you have any concerns or questions, you can always send us an email.

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