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What is Organics Shops about?

We select the best organic products presented in the easiest way to you;

Does https://organicsshops.com Amazon Associate?


Are the organic products genuine?

Yes. The organic products are genuine;

What should I do if I do not receive an item?

Contact directly Amazon seller to discuss the issue;

What should I do if an item is damaged?

Immediately contact Amazon seller to resolve the problem;

Does https://organicsshops.com responsible for any shipment?


Who will be responsible for the shipment?

The seller and Amazon;

How long does it take to deliver the items?

It really depends on your location and the services you are using, for example services for Prime Members. If you are located in US, first class delivery can take from 3-5 days. Prime Members can choose from various shipment options;

Who should I address my questions and concerns to?

Emails will be gladly accepted at shopsorganics@gmail.com;

Who can answer questions regarding an item I would like to purchase?

You are welcome to contact us or you can contact directly the seller;

Can I share your news/articles information?

ONLY, if you clearly state where the information comes from and include links to the source and our website;

Can I copy directly any information from your website?

No. You are prohibited to copy, publish and paste any information from our website;

What if I would like to use, some of the articles or some information from your website who should I contact?

Contact us directly at shopsorganics@gmail.com to discuss;

What if I do not want, to purchase any items?

You are not obligated to purchase any items;

What if I want to purchase but I need some answers first?

You are welcome to contact us or directly contact the seller;

Do I overpay for items purchased through your website?


Do all the items on https://organicsshops.com are under sale?

No. Therefore, on our website you will find high percentage of items on sale;

Do you collect personal information from your website visitors?


What type of information do you collect from your visitors?

Only information needed for our inside marketing goals which does not present any danger or violates the privacy of any of our website visitors;

Do you collect and store any payment methods, credit card information during the purchasing process?


Who should I contact if I do have any problems, using your website?

Contact us at shopsorganics@gmail.com

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